FAQ - InWorldz Guide

Who is InWorldz?

There are three Co-Founders who run InWorldz, as shown in our ToS. Our LLC is located in New York, and any legal correspondence may be directed to:

The three Founders are:

Each of us brings a different skill set to the grid, between software engineer, to customer support, technical debugging. We have 18 years of development experience, 20+ years of customer service, and that doesn't include our volunteers and their experience levels.

What is InWorldz?

InWorldz is a Virtual World where your imagination is the only limit to the things you can create, see, and do!

What does it cost?

InWorldz is a free Virtual Reality World... Yes, that's right, FREE! There is no cost to create your own avatar, there is no membership fee, and you can even create your goods on our provided sandboxes!

What viewer can I use?

See our viewer wiki for more details

Do uploads cost anything?

All uploads are free. We have no intentions of changing this in the future, as our goal is to allow creators do what they do best: create.

Can I buy land?

Yes, there are two types of land available: Private Isles and Mainland Regions. You may also rent parcels from various InWorldz land owners. We do not rent out parcels ourselves, as this would undermine our land owners.

What is a Private Isle?

Private Isles are full regions, not connected to the mainland, Sah'ra. Private Isles have far more functionality and management capabilities than a mainland region. Private Isles have no rating restrictions, allow estate managers, full flexibility of the estate tools. Private Isles come with a range of prims from 35,000 to 45,000, with the smallest allowable prim being .001 x .001 x .001 to the largest allowable of 128 x 128 x 128.

What is a Mainland Region?

Mainland regions are available and are a smaller price than Private Isles. Mainlands are restricted to PG content only, and do not have full Estate controls. You may not assign an estate manager, and terraforming is restricted to +/- 15m. Prim count is limited to 30,000 with the smallest allowable prim being .001 x .001 x .001 to the largest allowable of 128 x 128 x 128.

What do regions cost?

Currently, for beta pricing, all Private Isles are priced at $75/month, with a $75 setup fee attached. Mainland pricing is at $60/month with a $60 setup fee. All Beta residents who purchase land now, will have grandfathered pricing for one year after we come out of beta.

How do I buy a region?

To purchase land, make sure you are logged into http://inworldz.com, then click the World Map link. Click on a blue tile, and you'll either see information about the region or a Purchase and Setup button. You will then be asked to give the region a name, an estate name and to pick a terrain type you'd like to start with. Follow that through after it has checked the region name availability, and you'll pay by Credit Card or PayPal. Once paid, that's it! Give us 24 hours to get your region up and running!

If you wish to purchase Mainland, you simply click on the region in the Mainland continents, and if available, you'll see a Buy Now! - PayPal button, and just follow that through. Once purchased, give us 24 hours to transfer it over!