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 Post subject: It may be possible to chnage settings location!
PostPosted: Sat Aug 06, 2016 1:56 pm 
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I'm going to put this in here at best guess. If it's the wrong place please move it, Mods.

I have noticed something interesting. Look at this chain of actions and results:

1) Install Firstorm (for example) under Linux.
2) Copy your Windows FS settings as-is over to the Linux location.
3) Run Firestorm under Linux.
4) Look in your Linux Firestorm folder.

You will see two new folders; by name they are:

This shows that the settings location is stored in the user files. The path may be hardcoded in the viewer, sure, but it's "softcoded" in the user files and that seems to indicate the data could be hacked to place your settings wherever you want as as you can the cache files.

Please add a way to do this in the new Iwz 3.3 ;either in the actual viewer or if this would cause too much of a difference from standard please tell us how to edit the user files to change the settings location manually. I'd much prefer them in a place that gets backed-up regularly.

In the meantime here are two batch files that allow you to make backups of your viewer data and restore it later. They require the 7za.exe file found here

Pack Data
REM Create the archives for Firestorm, Inworldz and Radegast

7za a -T7z -mx0 Cache.7z "%LOCALAPPDATA%\FirestormOS_x64\" "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Inworldz3_64\"
7za a -T7z -mx0 Settings.7z "%APPDATA%\Firestorm_x64\" "%APPDATA%\Inworldz3\" "%APPDATA%\Radegast\"

REM This stuff is optional. It removes the data folders from the system. Disabled in this batch.

REM RMDIR /q /s  "%APPDATA%\Firestorm_x64"
REM RMDIR /q /s  "%LOCALAPPDATA%\FirestormOS_x64"
REM RMDIR /q /s  "%APPDATA%\Inworldz3"
REM RMDIR /q /s  "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Inworldz3_64"
REM RMDIR /q /s  "%APPDATA%\Radegast"

Unpack Data
REM   Uncompress the archives

7za x -y Settings.7z -o%APPDATA%\
7za x -y Cache.7z -o%LOCALAPPDATA%\

REM This stuff is optional. It removes the archives. Disabled.

REM DEL Settings.7z
REM DEL Cache.7z

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