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 Post subject: Free speech and the InWorldz forums
PostPosted: Sat May 17, 2014 9:44 pm 

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We have a major problem on these forums that is now going to get an immediate resolution from us, the company. There will be no discussion about new policies we are being forced to put in place.

More and more we have been hearing from new and old residents alike that over time these forums have become a constant source of anxiety and fatigue. They come here offering an opinion only to be personally attacked, flamed, treated with disrespect and generally chased away. We have reports and confirmed chats of people who start bullying other residents on the forums and then take it in world where they may go as far to use their status as a contributor on volunteer projects that we allow to bear the InWorldz name and threaten to use their "connections" with the founders or one of our sponsored projects to cause damage to someone else's business in-world.

This is not the type of community we will harbor at InWorldz, and the attacks on the forums have gone too far.

InWorldz is on the verge of suffering a great financial loss because of one of these incidents that can be directly tracked back to a forum thread. Like many others started off ok, and then veered off into personal attacks until we had to lock it.

The equivalent of $1950/mo of land revenue is about to disappear forever from the InWorldz grid, and beautiful builds never to return again anywhere else, because someone just had to have their freedom of speech on these forums. This is enough money for us to pay a full time support person, or to store an additional 5 - 10 TB of assets. When you decide to flame someone here and chase them off the grid, you are hurting everyone else here, and lessening the chances that InWorldz will ever be able to complete the projects that will put us on the map.

We have tried our best to be light handed on moderation, to allow a freedom of discussion on these forums, but they are quickly becoming a liability when attacks are left to sit with only a locked thread as recourse. We can not allow these trends to continue and sit in inaction while resident after resident tells us that these forums are toxic, a bad impression for newcomers, and bad for business in general.

No one here has a special status. No one here has the right to intentionally make anyone else feel unwelcome. These forums are for intelligent discussion, intelligent debate, technical questions, product listings, requests for community help, and general friendly chat. They have not been put here to be used as a weapon against those you do not like. They have not been put here for you to use as an outlet for your pent up aggressions.

Effective immediately, any posts insulting, being outwardly rude, or flaming any other resident will be subject to removal without notice. Any thread that veers off into personal attacks will have such posts removed and will be locked. Anyone being intentionally uncivil will be subject to having their forum account put on permanent moderation or terminated. The forum is not a place to air your dirty laundry. If you have a problem with someone, take it up with them directly where they may choose to either talk with you, or block you at their discretion. Don't use our company forums as an attack vector.

If these measures do not work to make these forums a more welcoming place, we may remove them all together except for the technical support section.

Respect each other, or others will never respect our community. We are all adults, these forums should reflect that.

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