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 Post subject: Lannell: A New Role Play Contient in the making
PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 5:35 am 

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Lannell a Fantasy Immersion Role Play land/World is coming to InWorldz in the next week.

We have been coming over from second life these past weeks and have fallen in love with InWorldz. We will start with a minimum of 6 regions all focused on a unified role play scenario. Our focus is Fantasy though we have many medieval overtones.

If you are looking for a non earth based fantasy, Lannell may be for you...

We have places for:

Alfar (called Dwarves and Elves elsewhere)
Elemental Folk (Fae, dragons, fauns, centaurs etc.)
Humans of all kinds and alignments
and Noral - a special hermaphrodite race

Our Role Play will include the following groups within our larger main group

(Not in order of any kind all are important)

Clerics (for the followers of the Kuagalani path that is in harmony with nature)
Fallen (Alfar who have turned to evil)
Ladies and Lords in waiting
Villagers for the smaller places

This is an incomplete list and we are always willing to listen to suggestions

People who wish to play realistic animals are most welcome in our lands as well.

We have a core group of players but look forward to adding any who come with a desire to play for fun within our world.


Even if you have not played much or have not played immersion RP or not played at all, we will welcome you.

Lannell's core group is a wonder gathering of kindhearted and caring folks.

does this sound like you contact Me Ep or RobynOakleaf of Lannell

Please also feel free to ask general questions here... I will answer general questions that many people would find the interest of in this forum. Individual questions directly related to the character you wish to bring I will be happy to visit with you in world.

Living in Lannell - I remember what it was like to be homeless on my role play lands. From that and the generous rates here in Iz I am happy to make this offer: Those who are role playing in Lannell will be able to obtain a home with a prim allowance according to the nature of their character. Naturally a barmaid would not live in a castle, or a knight in a farmers house but again we are happy to work with you.

Help with role playing - Each land has its own view of role playing and we are no exception to this. We do not teach classes, believing instead in a mentoring system. If you desire assistance developing a character to play in our lands we will be happy to help with that.

Style: We are a mix of predominant freestyle sometimes called AdHoc or Spontaneous play with a little scripted thrown in for ceremonies and the like. We love it when players start a role play with others and it takes off! We have our story frame and general have 2-3 main thread and numerous lessor threads. We also are quest based, allowing for activity when fewer people are awake and about.

Story - The main backbone of our story is based on an original novel and adapted for virtual role play. Since the author is one of our players we have legal permissions to use this work. If you are interested we can visit and discuss where you might find enjoyment with us and we with you.

Looking forward to Role Playing with you soon.


When all things are said and done if I have succeed even a little people will will say she was kind and loving
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