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 Post subject: New Beta - Post-R1600 Fixes
PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2012 12:29 pm 
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We're back at it, with (we hope) more fixes and improvements, added to those already available on the main grid in R1600. Currently at R1680 but changing rapidly (my saved draft message said R1623!), this new beta includes many new fixes and enhancements.

It includes updates to the handling of group roles and the permissions assigned to each role. So for example, with the correct group role permission, you should be able to set the music/media URLs, set your home location on the parcel, and other land and parcel tests.

It adds much improved support for group IMs (including the ability to click on a name to get their profile and keeping the group IM window closed until relog if you close it).

It adds parcel owner security features like Freeze User and better support for Eject and Ban permissions checks.

It adds full support for landing points, and better mapping support from other operations such as Landmarks' "Show On Map" button.

The beta world has been pretty much erased and rebuilt. The region layout remains, with InWorldz Beta Island (IBI) in the middle, between IB2 (group testing) and IB3 (old version, R1362 for when we need to compare with an older server).

At the foot of the hill from IBI, there are more than 40 small land parcels, each deeded to a different group for beta testers to try different things. Check About Land on different land areas, most allow objects to be created, although in some areas you may need to join the land group.

In addition to the ~40 group role test parcels, there are three others preconfigured for access testing. More info in About Land for each. It's pretty obvious once you get there and check About Land or the groups' info.

And many other features and fixes. Here is the full list of changes (so far) since R1600:

As of R1680:
- Groups/IM: Added support for recognizing when a user closes a group IM window, so that it will stay closed if a new IM is sent to the group IM.
- Groups/IM: Added support for cleanup up that removed status, when the user disconnects, so that on the next login, group IMs will be restored.
- Groups/IM: Added a modal popup error message if you attempt to use a group IM without that ability (permission).
- Groups/IM: Fixed IM parameters to correctly match the LL protocol. This means that the server now allows the user to click on names in a group IM to open profiles.
- Groups/IM: Group IMs now have server-end security validity checking. Any attempt to use a hacked viewer or packet tools to format a packet that operates on a group you are not a member of, or do not have JoinChat group role ability, will fail. If you are in the group and have that ability, any attempt to disguise yourself with someone else's key or name will also fail. Any attempt to send a group IM text message with a mismatching key or name will result in the message text being replaced with: "(Correct Name): I'm hacking an invalid request to attempt to pass myself off as (Attempted Name) [(AttemptedKey)]."
- Parcels/Permissions: Fixed "Set Home to Here" to only work on your own land or group land where you have the AllowSetHome group role ability.
- Parcels/Mapping: Fixed problems fetching parcel info for the default region parcel (e.g. the part that starts out at 64K sqm). This was evident in About Landmark if the Show On Map button did not bring up the map, and the Information: and Location: data at the bottom of About Landmark form was blank. This fix may also fix various other mapping failures such as in Search results.
- Parcels/Routing: Teleports now recognize parcel routing options. For parcels with Landing Point routing, the first teleport by a non-owner into that parcel will place the avatar at the landing point position, facing the direction that the avatar who set the landing point routing was facing when it was recorded for the parcel. For "Blocked" routing, the teleport will immediately fail (even if it's originating from another region). Teleport invitations are not affected, nor is teleporting to a Home location that is within such a parcel. Fixes Mantis #229.
- Parcels/Routing: Fixed cases where the destination location was off-region, previously putting the avatar at the emergency location of 128,128,128, now the teleport will simply fail and the user will remain where they were.
- Parcels/Routing: Fixed teleports that are to locations below the terrain to place the avatar above ground according to the avatar's height, and 0.25m above where their feat would normally be on the ground (so that they down land with their legs inverted or other problems).
- Parcels/Routing: Fixed a problem trying to teleport to regions on other older server versions where the destination parcel routing would be incorrectly interpreted as Blocked.
- Parcels/Security: Implemented the ability for a land owner to freeze a user.
- Parcels/Security: Ban, Freeze and Eject user no longer need you to be wearing the active group tag over group-deeded land in order for them to function. You just need to be *in* the group and have that ability.
- Parcels/Security: When reporting that you are frozen, the server now reports the name of the person who froze you to the frozen user. It also permits IM from the frozen user to ONLY that user, and now reports an error to the frozen avatar if they attempt to send an IM or offer an inventory item to anyone other than the user who froze them. Also failed teleports are immediate now, and report the reason as being frozen by the other user.
- Parcels/Security: Changed the notifications that you have been frozen or unfrozen to be modal popups since they seem to be easy to miss.
- Objects/Behavior: Fixed standing up to put you on top of the prim you were seated on, in both the cases where there is a sit target and where there is none.
- Objects/Permissions: Fixed a security problem (which will remain undocumented for now until the main grid is updated).
- Objects/Behavior: Fixed problems with the difference between prim flags changes on the root prim and changes to child prims. Child prim operations no longer affect the whole object (e.g. toggling phantom or flexi) while root prim changes do. This is one step closer to proper behavior, but not there yet until PhysX makes it worth investing more time to complete.
- Objects/Crossings: If a prim group cannot cross into a new region, the server now attempts to place it back at the previous position. If that is not within the region either, or is below ground, it forces the position to be legal. In prior servers, prims could live off-world and yet still exist within the region in all terms other than position. (Note this *may* move "The Mystery Prim", or change it's center to be at the nearest region border, and/or make it selectable, and perhaps be taken or deleted then.)
- Terrain/Editing: Fixed a problem with terrain terraforming in the case of terraforming whole parcels. The effect would NOT be applied to the most northerly and most easterly 16sqm blocks.
- Scripting/HTTP: Fixed llReleaseURL to actually release the URL. Fixed llRequestURL to increased the ridiculously small limit of 256 (which was still much large than the current OpenSim limit of 100) to 15000 to match SL's limit per region.
- Scripting/Engine: Update the Phlox runtime to fix Mantis #1249: jump to label sends script into a undefined state.
- Scripting/LSL: Updated llGetObjectDetails. Implemented stub versions of the second 8 (OBJECT_RUNNING_SCRIPT_COUNT through OBJECT_PHYSICS_COST) that all return 0 or 0.0 as appropriate, except for a simplified version of OBJECT_PRIM_EQUIVALENCE which returns the prim count for the object, and OBJECT_PHYSICS_COST which returns 0.0 if there is no physics cost (e.g. it's phantom or attached) and the number of prims as a float if it does have any physics cost.
- Scripting/LSL: Update Phlox runtime with LSLPlus fixes and allowing queue overflow for important messages.
- Scripting/Permissions: The server has been updated to ensure that the permissions granter matches when debiting the user, not just that a granter is set. Also fixed script permissions and the script permission granter to be cleared when rezzing objects after inventory transfers. This fixes possible problems when scripted objects are transferred to a new user with existing user permissions.
- Scripting/Events: Also fixed the CHANGED_OWNER changed event to be triggered in that case. (Fixes part of Mantis #760. I believe there are still several cases of events not being triggered.)
- Performance/Networking: Several significant improvements to the sliding window in all file transfers to improve performance, especially over lossy connections such as WiFi.
- Performance/Inventory: Work on the inventory migration tools, all users migrated to the new NoSQL (Cassandra-based) inventory servers.
- Performance/Security: Update to include negative responses to user lookups in the cached timestamps. (Fix for a malicious user on IDI.)
- Performance/Core: Several threading improvements to the HTTP and core grid servers to improve performance via parallelism. Also threaded the user server methods in the User Manager, Avatar Appearance module and Friends module. Some work complete on the others but more is needed before the others can be fully threaded.
- Inventory/Links: The server has been updated to support inventory links, as used by some viewers such as Phoenix, e.g. with a Current Outfit folder. (There are still outstanding issues with this in the version currently on beta.)
- Core/Servers: Fixed a possible null reference exception if there were no plugins.

 Post subject: Re: New Beta - Post-R1600 Fixes
PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2012 1:11 pm 

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 Post subject: Re: New Beta - Post-R1600 Fixes
PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2012 3:15 pm 
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so many nice improvements to ease life--]

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 Post subject: Re: New Beta - Post-R1600 Fixes
PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2012 3:40 pm 

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:clap: WTG. I am liking you more and more haha. Loving the improvements of IW. I can tell the difference since last year for sure!

 Post subject: Re: New Beta - Post-R1600 Fixes
PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2012 1:56 am 
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Totally incredible and wonderful news! :hug:

I'm especially excited about fixed tp location, group IM windows staying closed and Group Role permissions for changing parcel media.

IW Rocks! (Meaning the people behind IW...heheh) Everyone from Founders to Support to the Residents. :flowers:

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 Post subject: Re: New Beta - Post-R1600 Fixes
PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2012 2:45 am 
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This makes for a very satisfying read!
Thanks guys!

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 Post subject: Re: New Beta - Post-R1600 Fixes
PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2012 7:28 am 
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WD Grid Monkeys!

So many little irritants have been fixed in that tranche of improvements :tup:

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 Post subject: Re: New Beta - Post-R1600 Fixes
PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2012 7:55 am 
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:clap: Well Done!!!!


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 Post subject: Re: New Beta - Post-R1600 Fixes
PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2012 7:37 pm 
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Thanks so much for this info - "Way to go!!" :dance:

Especially noting the Parcel and Group permissions that have been upgraded. We are so appreciative of all the work you do to make InWorldz such a great world!
Thank you, Thank you again :hug:

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 Post subject: Re: New Beta - Post-R1600 Fixes
PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2012 5:33 pm 
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We're looking for a few region owners to volunteer their regions for a test upgrade, that will take place as soon as more group role ability testing is complete. We're trying to get this upgrade to everyone, grid-wide, with as little delay as possible, but we need to proceed with some balance of care too. As a result, some of these upgrades may happen as early as tonight, for some IW regions and those volunteering for test upgrades.

We will also be upgrading IDI and the InWorldz Sandbox regions for all residents to try things out on.

Particularly interested in the regions with parcel group options, several group roles with different abilities, landing points, and cases where the other improvements mentioned in the first message in this thread may be more applicable.

Please reply here with the region name, if you are the estate owner and would like to volunteer your region(s) for early testing the update.

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