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 Post subject: I wonder about an app for FS/Iwz settings
PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2016 1:39 pm 
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This thread was started because I got an idea in one of my posts in another thread and didn't want to hijack that thread.

Setting up the prefs for a viewer can be a pain because of the sometimes cryptic descriptions and because you don't know what all of them do. Also you have to dig and dig to find the one you want.

The settings files can be read externally, edited and rewritten as they are just XML files.

Therefore I'd like to see an app designed for that purpose. It would go though as many settings as possible, explain them, tell you the default and then allow you to change them. I will give you a few examples:
LOD On Sculpts And Mesh:
This setting controls how well sculpted and mesh items hold their forms the further away you move from them. The value runs from 1-4 higher being better but using more graphics power.
What setting would you like? [2]

Size Of Cache:
This is how much space on your storage device will be assigned to saving the textures for places you have already visited. When returning to these places the textures will be retreived from the cache rather than reloaded from the server; therefore saving bandwidth and speed.
How much space (in megs) would you like to dedicate to this? [2048]

Display New Items Sent To You:
If this is on any new items sent to you such as notecards and textures will be displayed immediatly. Warning: This will steal focus and place the display on top of whatever you are doing!
Do you want this feature on? [Yes]
The app would be divided into sections of course allowing you to only choose what you wanted. It would also have a "dump" option that shows you how everything is set right now <----PRICELESS!!

I feel this would be useful for everybody. We Oldies who after years still aren't magic and can't guess at what settings we need to change would be happy. The Mentors could tell noobs that they don't have to live with the defaults of the Iwz3 viewer and could use the Changer App to customize rather than dig though the super secret cryptic viewer settings themselves.

Just built the app into the viewer! One additional menu item with a jump to the new code. When it finishes the person restarts the viewer.

Anybody want to make this?

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 Post subject: Re: I wonder about an app for FS/Iwz settings
PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2016 1:50 pm 
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eve if it was not an app. a good list of the good settings and maby optemem for old PC, optemem for I5 and I7, or optemem for casual user. Optemum for creator. style listings.

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